The Prince of Egypt is a 1998 American animated musical drama film. Based on the Book of Exodus, the film follows the life of an Egyptian prince named Moses, who's life changes when he is chosen to lead the Hebrew slaves from Egypt to the Promised Land.

The film stars an all-star voice cast including Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfieffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Stewart, Danny Glover, Helen Mirren, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, and features songs written by Stephen Schwartz and a score by Hans Zimmer.

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Val Kilmer as Moses
    • Amick Byram provides the singing voice of Moses.
    • Val Kilmer also voices God.
  • Ralph Fiennes as Rameses II
  • Michelle Pfieffer as Tzipporah
  • Sandra Bullock as Miriam
    • Sally Dworsky provides the singing voice of Adult Miriam.
    • Eiden Riegel provides the voice of Young Miriam.
  • Jeff Goldblum as Aaron
  • Patrick Stewart as Pharaoh Seti I
  • Danny Glover as Jethro
    • Brian Stokes Mitchell provides the singing voice of Jethro.
  • Helen Mirren as Queen Tuya
    • Linda Dee Shayne provides the singing voice of Queen Tuya.
  • Steve Martin as Hotep
  • Martin Short as Huy
  • Ofra Haza as Jochebed